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Strong durable pig arks.

Assembled or self- assembly kit form available


Kune Ark

Our Kune Ark is suitable for housing up to 2 Adult Kune’s. Easily moved around, it is a very versatile Ark suitable for Kunekune’s, or for weaning piglets of free- range breeds.
Size 1500 *1000 mm
Price €180 & VAT @23%

Midi Ark

Our Midi Ark will accommodate a pig family, a large sow and her litter perhaps or a group of Kunekune’s or free- range weaners for fattening.
Size 2500 *2000mm
Price €300 & VAT (includes lifting hook)


Maxi Ark

The ‘Maxi Ark’ can house a very large number of pigs, up to 2 adults sows and their litters and not forgetting the Boar of course.
(In our case, some Poultry have also taken up residence with the pigs.)
Size 2500 *3000mm
Price €450 & VAT (includes lifting hook)


Pigs have a great sense of smell, Their powerful but sensitive snout is a highly developed sense organ.


Our range of Pig housing -   Durable pig Arks.

All of our Arks are manufactured on site using dark green galvanised steel sheets and treated timber. They have shown themselves to be strong, durable and long lasting.

Optional extras include farrowing bars along the side of the Ark and floors. Other Ark sizes can also be quoted for on request.

Pig Arks can be collected from our farm either fully assembled or in kit form for self-assembly.  There is a €50 discount per Ark where they are supplied unassembled.  Please note that they still occupy a large space while in kit form as the curved sheets are bulky.

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