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Iron Age Pig

The Iron Age pig is a hybrid between a wild Boar amd a domestic pig. The cross is meant to recreate the type of pig represented by prehistoric art works of the Iron Age in ancient Europe.  The project started in the early 1980's by crossing a male Wild Boar with a Tamworth Sow to produce and animal that looks like the pig from long ago.  Iron Age pigs are generally only raised in Europe for a specialty meat market.

The piglets are lively and not for novice pig keepers.  When born they have attractive stripes on their coat, these markings disappear with time.  The finished weaners are a very attractive ginger colour - similar to a Tamworth but with more of a wild look. They are extremely lean and the gamey meat they produce tastes superb.

Pig Fact

Following research by Penn State University, it has been found that pigs can play joysitck -controlled video games.  


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