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Berkshire Pigs

The Berkshire is the oldest recorded pedigree pig breed in the UK.- possibly originating in 1790 . They are slightly smaller in stature than the other main traditional breeds. They have a black coat with white markings on the face, a white tail and distinctive white 'socks' on their feet. They are a very popular small-holders breed and show- pig.  

Among it's attributes are - great temperment, hardy, resistant to disease, great tasty meat, quick to finish, ideal 'starter' breed, 

Their meat is renowned for it's flavour,  They can be used for Pork or Bacon.   In general , weaners will need to be kept for 22 weeks to reach their slaughter weight.  (approx 55KG) Bacon pigs should be kept at least 2 months longer to allow for development of the lion etc. 

Further information on the Berkshire breed can be obtained on the website of the Berkshire Pig Breeders Club.




A pig can run a 7 minute mile


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