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Pet Kunekune Pigs, Free Range Pigs and Pig Arks all at Piggywiggy’s
For several years now we have been keeping and breeding free range pedigree pigs of traditional breeds.

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Kunekune, pigs that are mainly kept as pets. They are small, easy to keep and very sociable. They are also becoming very popular as attractions for public venues such as Open Farms, Hotel grounds and Garden Centre's. A very interesting breed, they originated in the Polynesian islands and they were nearly extinct in the early 1970's. Our stock is registered with the British Kune Kune Pig Society and we have a wide range of bloodlines.

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We stock a number of breeds suitable for keeping in an outdoor environment.  At present, we keep Berkshire and Tamworth.  Both are traditional breeds and are well adapted to outdoor living.  The Tamworth has a ginger coat and the Berkshire are black in colour.  Our purebred stock is registered and we keep a range of bloodlines. In addition, we also have 2 Old Spot Sows and 2 Wild Boar  sows which we cross with Tamworth.  The Wild Boar X Tamworth produce so-called 'Iron Age' piglets.

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We also stock a range of Pig Arks suitable for keeping larger Free Range pigs or the smaller Kunekune’s.  The arks are manufactured onsite and can be tailored to individual needs.   We offer 3 main sizes.  If you would like to check out sizes and prices, click here.



Pigs are actually very clean animals, they keep their toilets far from their living or eating area, even piglets that are only a few hours old will leave their nest to relieve themselves.

At Piggy Wiggy’s we supply weaned piglets to pig lovers throughout Ireland.
From time to time, we also have fattened stock which is suitable for slaughter or for spit roasting i.e. ‘Pig on a Spit’. View our Stock for Sale page for more information.
In order to keep pigs for any purpose- pet, hobby farming etc. you need to be a registered pig keeper with the Department of Agriculture.
Registering is a simple procedure and is free. Please check out the National Pig Identification & Tracing System (NPITS).  For your convenience, we have a copy of the Pig herd application form available here.


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